Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Improve Your Image Online

You might have noticed how interesting a page can get with the help of a picture. Just plain writing doesn’t really get the reader's attention. Even the text and the pattern in the back ground can determine whether the reader is going to enjoy or simply ignore what he sees.

Graphicsare the most eye catchy features of your web page. They quickly attract the attention of the visitor in the same way an advertisement with a visual would attract and sustain your attention. They give meaning as well as represent and summarize the written content.

Just think… Will a black and white advertisement attract you more than a coloured ad? Will an ad without a picture attract you more than one with a relevant picture inserted into it? These are just simple ways to understanding the importance of images in your website.

But website designers have a far deeper insight when it comes to the application of graphics.

As I mentioned earlier, the text and the background pattern can determine the attractiveness of what the visitor sees. Thus the qualities of these two elements are taken into consideration while creating a website. If the images and content are placed in a very confusing manner, visitors are bound to jump to another website. This is because the fuddling interface might force them into thinking that the company or brand representing the website might not be up to the mark.

Hence, the more stylishly designed your webpage is, the more visitors are sustained. The longer they stay on your site, the better they understand the products you have to offer.

Cosmos Creatives have long been assisting their many and varied clientele in creating lasting branding images for them. Our webpage designers are also set to create distinct and lively designs in accordance with your esteemed requests.
Image credit: i42.tinypic.com

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