Monday, July 20, 2009

‘Less Is More’

A webpage layout makes use of different elements like text, graphics, video and audio. Clearly, all elements have their own strengths. This is evident from the fact that certain things can be better understood through an explanation, while certain other things need to be seen to accomplish a clear understanding. Commenting on which element is the best or which should be used excessively in your webpage design is just futile. The fact of the matter is that they all compliment each other.

Normally, the first page of a website sets a certain standard and class about the company in the mind of the consumer. Thus corporate websites make it a point to create a good 1st impression with the aid of an apt theme. They opt for layouts entirely creamed with graphics in the excitement of displaying a user-friendly or an attractive layout. As prudent as the idea seems, it must be realized that excessive use of graphics can stretch the loading time unbearably.

Another thing seen on plenty of websites is the use of irrelevant images. Overloading your website is one thing but adding images with no connection to your content is another. Similarly, too much content also makes it tougher for the visitor to be able to decipher your message.

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