Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Local Businesses Get Lucky

Just because the internet represents the World Wide Web, local businesses tend to ignore online marketing. Why should they? Statistics reveal that more than 65% of the population turns to the internet to find local services around their place.

Advertising online makes more sense than advertising on any other media for reasons other than cost-effectiveness. Think about it. When it comes to information, nothing beats the internet as it equals a countless number of books, news papers and advertisements. Also, trusting the quality of goods purchased online was an issue of the past which no longer exists. Thus, the amount of people shopping online is a number that is constantly increasing.

Internet marketing is patently not limited to online stores. Even local businesses like food outlets, hotels, etc. can take the help of web designers and web developers to create an informative website, mentioning their services. Search engines like Google, MSN, AOL and Yahoo are also well aware of the internet marketing potential of local businesses. Thus, Google is in the process of creating a local feature known as ‘Street View’ on Google Maps.

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