Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hooray! No Spam Here

Advertising has been the bases of most spam mails flooding the internet. Spam is generated as a result of sending many copies of the same content in an unsolicited manner. Senders or website marketers love spam mail while most recipients consider such e-mail as mere junk. Why?

The increasing amount of bulk e-mail sent by different companies has desensitized recipient’s behaviour towards spam. People now-a-days are unlikely to open e-mails that they haven’t asked for. When an average recipient is out to check his e-mail, he just scans through them and opens only those that seem like personal mails. The rest is easily cleared by a single click of the delete tab. This usually happens because of their inbox being over crowded (not sometimes, but always). Imagine his state if he would actually go through each and every e-mail… To ease our troubles with spam, we can easily take the help of spam filters and get rid of it in a jiffy.

What does this mean for your company? The one obvious lesson to learn in online marketing is never send spam mail. You need to be anti-spam to survive today as an e-mail marketer. Send mails only after receiving the recipients consent and avoid bulk e-mails.

Take a look at the image below of the newsletter created by Cosmos Creatives.

The e-mail marketers at Cosmos Creatives are aware of the ethics that need to be followed. Availing our services can insure long term advantages for you in the competitive field of online business promotion.

SEO and its Importance

The most technical aspect of internet market is search engine optimization or SEO. SEO is basically the process of optimizing a webpage/website in order to be found and read in search engine results. With the help of such an online solution, your website can get placed high up on the first page of SERP’s. This is the main idea behind SEO. A search engine marketing professional requires knowledge about how to promote a website, as well as needs to learn HTML. This job is not as easy as it sounds.

Why is SEO important for your website? Imagine what it would be like if you own a business that no one knows about. If nobody knew the address or phone number of your business, it would be very difficult for it to survive. Now consider the same situation happening to your website… This is why you need SEO. Advertising in other media like newspapers, television, etc. may be the easy way to proclaim that your website exists to your existing customers. But what about your potential customers…In what way would they be able to have a clue of the existence of your website? Your potential customers would seldom hunt for your advert in the particular newspaper you have advertised in.

But in website promotion via search engine marketing, your potential customers will just need to enter a keyword in the text box of a search engine. And there you have it… A link to your website is displayed. Here is a clear example of how one of our client’s website called Oxynet Solutions, climbed up in the SERP’s with the help of SEO done by Cosmos Creatives.

Our web solutions company understands the essential items that need to be concentrated in SEO. Just give us a call to avail of our services.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Running a Successful PPC Campaign

One of the most popular ways of advertising on the internet is through Pay Per Click or PPC. As mentioned in my earlier post, PPC ads are displayed alongside the organic results or natural listings generated by the search engine. The following is about running an effective pay per click campaign and how to go about it.

The first thing we are concerned about during a PPC campaign is the return on investment we are going to get. Therefore a smart internet marketing plan needs to be developed for running an effective campaign. The keywords need to be appropriate and related to the business the website is dealing with. Although specific keywords are able to generate more awareness, you need to realize that the keywords alone will not be the only reason for profit. Another important aspect of running a successful PPC campaign is that the website needs to be monitored incessantly. Simultaneously, you also need to make changes in your existing PPC adverts. This makes your PPC campaign more effective and productive, which will in turn increases your ROI. Our web solutions company Cosmos Creatives is currently running a campaign with effective PPC advertisements for our client One World Travel and Tourism. Here is an image of the PPC done for this client’s website

If inexperienced in PPC, get in touch with online professionals. The online marketing professionals at our company are experts on attending all the details usually involved in such campaigns. Obtain quality at affordable prices at Cosmos Creatives.

Tapping into Popularity

As the internet is becoming the choicest instrument of popularity, most organizations and even celebrities have their own website. Accessing a website through the internet is very easy. This lets the internet surfer acknowledge the existence of your product from any part of the world. A website can be fairly created without the help of web developers. But to create an exceptional website you need coaction between an entire team of professional graphic designers, content writers and web developers.

What a web developer does for you- Website development is complex. A web developer builds and maintains websites devising everything from the layout to the function of the webpage. Hiring talented and experienced web developers result in a website that is created with a particular appeal to the target market. They also take care to see that the benefits of your product and other essentials are highlighted. Today, success is linked to popularity… So why wouldn’t businesses take the help of a good web solutions company? Here’s the link to MLCS Games (, a website created by our company – Cosmos Creatives. [MLCS Games are manufacturers of quality amusement games and attractions. They are recognized for providing innovative products in the amusement rental industry.]

What a website does for you- Apart from communicating the uniqueness of your product, a website acts as a very powerful 1st impression [as agreed by many]. It can help sell a shoe or even fight for a social cause. Endless creativity is possible with your website. Tap into popularity sooner than you think, with the help of professional web developers at Cosmos Creatives.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

E-mails or Spam?

E-mailing is a cost effective method of diverting target audiences to websites and stores. But the dreams of many advertisers are succumbed by the fact that e-mail marketing could get them into trouble. So the question is …When exactly does e-mailing back fire?

Writing a great newsletter, a creative subject line, adding many e-mail addresses to your data-base, doesn’t really end the e-mail marketing story there. Like any other internet marketing technique, e-mail marketing also has a drawback. That drawback is the issue of permission. Permission is a complex issue that is related to responsible e-mailing. E-mails sent without permission get collected as ‘spam mail’. This is when e-mailing backfires.

Before you e-mail your potential customers, you need to make sure that you’re mailing them after receiving their permission. If you e-mail people without receiving any indicating of them asking for it, your good name and the reputation of your company could be at stake. But how do you obtain such permission?

Here’s an example- If you’ve noticed, websites have a small tick box besides a line that reads ‘please send me updates and news about your products via e-mail’. If your customer clicks on to something like this, you have received his/her permission.

E-mail marketing is a little tedious. Therefore, knowledge about the risks of e-mail marketing should be touched upon before you decide to get into it. To know more about this form of internet marketing, contact Cosmos Creatives.