Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hooray! No Spam Here

Advertising has been the bases of most spam mails flooding the internet. Spam is generated as a result of sending many copies of the same content in an unsolicited manner. Senders or website marketers love spam mail while most recipients consider such e-mail as mere junk. Why?

The increasing amount of bulk e-mail sent by different companies has desensitized recipient’s behaviour towards spam. People now-a-days are unlikely to open e-mails that they haven’t asked for. When an average recipient is out to check his e-mail, he just scans through them and opens only those that seem like personal mails. The rest is easily cleared by a single click of the delete tab. This usually happens because of their inbox being over crowded (not sometimes, but always). Imagine his state if he would actually go through each and every e-mail… To ease our troubles with spam, we can easily take the help of spam filters and get rid of it in a jiffy.

What does this mean for your company? The one obvious lesson to learn in online marketing is never send spam mail. You need to be anti-spam to survive today as an e-mail marketer. Send mails only after receiving the recipients consent and avoid bulk e-mails.

Take a look at the image below of the newsletter created by Cosmos Creatives.

The e-mail marketers at Cosmos Creatives are aware of the ethics that need to be followed. Availing our services can insure long term advantages for you in the competitive field of online business promotion.

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