Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Free Traffic

One of the easiest and most overlooked ways of obtaining free traffic to your website is though your web content.

When I say content, I mean good quality content writing and not the kind of matter we put into out site to facilitate SEO. When a site has good content, search engines can pick them up even if there are less keywords on your web pages. This is because a search engine attracts those sites that are popular and then rank them according to their keywords.

Yes. It is painful to accept this for a fact. But you can have a quality website even with a few pages if the matter on it is interesting to visitors. Your website must have a good reason why a visitor must stay and read on. This is one way though which website promotion can take place automatically in search engines. The best way to find out what your visitors will really enjoy reading is by going though social bookmarking sites. There you can check out which articles are read the most.

Well, now that you have a way of gaining some free traffic, you need to get to work. As ‘magical’ content is not easy to write, it is best to employ an article writing service. Originality is the key to a good website and this needs to be displayed not only through the images on your site, but though the writing as well. More duplication leads to lesser chances of being featured among the 1st few listings on search engines.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blogging for SEO

Website marketing professionals will always nod a ‘yes’ whenever you ask them about involving an extra online marketing tool like a blog, into your marketing strategy. Blogging is essential for your website as it facilitates SEO. But some of us may get the impression that SEO experts influence us into making such decisions for their benefit. This isn’t true. The truth about internet marketing is that we implement anything that can help us, help you. Only when you benefit, we benefit.

According to recent news on, leading website designing firms also think that blog writing is vital for improving SEO. They say this as many award winning websites have utilized the strategy of creating blogs to boost their search engine rankings on Google. A blog is similar to a website as they both have their domain names, both have the ability to update content as well as include photos and hyperlinks.

Blogging is good for SEO in several ways:

Firstly, a blog acts as an informational site for your business. Updates, offers, promotions and relevant information can be posted on your blog site. A blog serves an ideal ground for planting more keywords, thus making it easier for SEO. By inserting RSS feeds, your blog will ultimately be able to generate back links to your website. All this can help improve the ranking of your website in search engines. When the search engine marketing for your site is performed well, nobody else but you will reap maximum benefits.

You can always take our advice or simply avail of the cost-effective blog writing services at Cosmos Creatives.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do people Digg your travel website?

There are many things you might expect out of your travel website. But as I always say, it is not enough to just create a website and sit back. You need to work harder than you think if you want to increase traffic towards your site; unless of course you leave all the web promotional work in the hands of an internet marketing service. Much can be done for your travel site- like writing articles, press releases, joining social networking sites, etc. All these ways aren’t very heavy on your pockets either.

Likewise, you can also take the help of a site called Digg. Digg is a famous social networking site that will prove to be beneficial at improving the number of visits to your site and improving travel bookings. For those of you who are unaware, Digg is a social media site that falls under the social bookmarking category. You can register your travel website there along with keywords. If people like what they see, they will Digg your site online so that it can be referred to whenever needed. They can also share what they have found with others. With the help of Digg, you can organize those articles that are relevant to your business. You can elaborate on those travel offers and aspects of your business that people would be interested in and eager to know more about.

At Cosmos Creatives, social bookmarking sites are used to improve search engine marketing. Drop by to know more about our services.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Being Number 1 in SERPS

Millions of websites are on the internet world wide. Unless your website name is very popular it doesn’t need to show up on search engines. But if not, you will have to wait for your site to be displayed on search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN and others. Only experienced search engine marketers from online SEO services will be able to help you out with website promotion on search engines.

Internet surfers mostly make use of Google. They type in a phrase or a word and click on any of the links they find interesting on the first SERP (Search Engine Results Page). If your website is normally featured among the 1st few listings of the 1st page, then you are definitely on your way to the top. Imagine all the users over the world typing in your keyword as their search query. They will all receive the option of clicking on the link to your website. This is because the visitor generally glances through the 1st few listings on the 1st page. If need be, he will glance through the 2nd, 3rd or 4th page at a maximum, to find what he is searching for. So if your website is featured on the 40th, 50th or 100th page, do you think your website will make any marketing sense?

Attaining a top rank on search engines can mean a lot to your business. There are many advantages of being listed among the 1st few listings of the 1st results page in search engines. Cosmos Creatives uses search engine marketing to make your website popular world wide. Our online SEO solutions can also help you gain a good amount of traffic on your site. This in turn will lead to more sales, business growth and expansion.

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