Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blogging for SEO

Website marketing professionals will always nod a ‘yes’ whenever you ask them about involving an extra online marketing tool like a blog, into your marketing strategy. Blogging is essential for your website as it facilitates SEO. But some of us may get the impression that SEO experts influence us into making such decisions for their benefit. This isn’t true. The truth about internet marketing is that we implement anything that can help us, help you. Only when you benefit, we benefit.

According to recent news on, leading website designing firms also think that blog writing is vital for improving SEO. They say this as many award winning websites have utilized the strategy of creating blogs to boost their search engine rankings on Google. A blog is similar to a website as they both have their domain names, both have the ability to update content as well as include photos and hyperlinks.

Blogging is good for SEO in several ways:

Firstly, a blog acts as an informational site for your business. Updates, offers, promotions and relevant information can be posted on your blog site. A blog serves an ideal ground for planting more keywords, thus making it easier for SEO. By inserting RSS feeds, your blog will ultimately be able to generate back links to your website. All this can help improve the ranking of your website in search engines. When the search engine marketing for your site is performed well, nobody else but you will reap maximum benefits.

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