Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Consumers Influencing Consumers

Social networking sites like Hi5, Linkedin, Facebook, Orkut, etc. are consumer dominated, unlike other forms of internet marketing like SEO, banner advertising and others. But they are a good way to publicize your brand as this marketing tool falls under the umbrella term called ‘digital marketing’ (Digital marketing involves all kinds of interactive media). Social networking is a great online marketing tool as it involves activity, interaction and creativity on the part of the consumer.

It has been estimated by Universal McCann, that two thirds of all internet users spend time managing their social profiles. This means that social networks are becoming an important part of every individual’s life. Reports further explain that 3 quarters of them have been reported visiting their friends profiles. According to Universal McCann consumers also have the power to prescribe a brand’s lifespan by influencing their followers through various social networks. This so happens because today a brand is what the consumers think of it and not what search engines declare. In the process of making their voices heard, consumers influence the purchase decisions of other consumers.

Those interested in using social networks to publicize their brand need to ‘beware’ as social networking is not as simple as you think. Social networking involves playing on a consumer generated territory. So be ready for their comments, (positive or negative) and be sure to entertain them. Our internet marketing professionals at Cosmos Creatives, can promote your brand by cleverly displaying it on various social networking websites. Visit us at: .

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