Friday, October 30, 2009

Get Free Traffic

One of the easiest and most overlooked ways of obtaining free traffic to your website is though your web content.

When I say content, I mean good quality content writing and not the kind of matter we put into out site to facilitate SEO. When a site has good content, search engines can pick them up even if there are less keywords on your web pages. This is because a search engine attracts those sites that are popular and then rank them according to their keywords.

Yes. It is painful to accept this for a fact. But you can have a quality website even with a few pages if the matter on it is interesting to visitors. Your website must have a good reason why a visitor must stay and read on. This is one way though which website promotion can take place automatically in search engines. The best way to find out what your visitors will really enjoy reading is by going though social bookmarking sites. There you can check out which articles are read the most.

Well, now that you have a way of gaining some free traffic, you need to get to work. As ‘magical’ content is not easy to write, it is best to employ an article writing service. Originality is the key to a good website and this needs to be displayed not only through the images on your site, but though the writing as well. More duplication leads to lesser chances of being featured among the 1st few listings on search engines.

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