Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Visual Makeover

An attractive website is powerful. It can lure visitors into checking out not just one web page, but your entire website. But what does a website makeover involve? It involves changing its visual identity/ web page design, making it more user friendly with the help of better navigation, updating content as well as improving search engine marketing. You can use all these together or just one of them.

Changing the visual identity of your site is the 1st and the most important part of a make over. Here’s how to do it:

As people are attracted to visuals more than words, try using more images, photos and videos in your site. Even if the visitor doesn’t have time to go through the content, he will surely be motivated to read further if there is an interesting visual placed. Your content looks more lucid, with graphical signposts too. You can use Flash animations for that extra spark as well! An overload of visuals can be repelling. The visuals that are to be used must reflect a purpose. Otherwise it is better to have them removed by your web designing team.

Choose the colour scheme of your website with care as the colours you choose will represent the image of your company. If you’re having trouble with choosing the colour scheme, you can take the help of online colour schemers or just ask an online web solutions company like Cosmos Creatives to help you with your websites visual needs.

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