Sunday, September 6, 2009

Web Analytics can Help

Analytics are quite useful. In simple words, web analytics let you track and study the behavior of those visiting your website or even your blog spot. Accordingly, you can improve the elements or the functioning of your website and boost your search engine marketing results.

What analytics does: Web analytics provides reports about the performance level of your website. The report is easy to understand, as it doesn’t make use of technical language. The web analytics provided by different websites like Yahoo, Google, eWebCounter, StatCounter, etc. display statistics in different ways. But they all provide answers to tough questions, helpful for web promotions. An analysis report includes the following information in the form of graphs, pie diagrams and more.

· Site Usage: Includes percentage of new visitors, those who left the site, how much you site has been visited, the number of page views, etc. You can view this information daily, weekly or monthly.

· Traffic Sources: Shows you the percentage of traffic diverted to your site from various sources. It also lets you know the amount of traffic gained from the usage of each keyword that has been used.

· Map Overlay: Provides information of the visits to you website from other countries.

· Content overview: Lets you know about the quality of your content.

Our online SEO services at Cosmos Creatives lets our clients know these analytics to help them clear the difficulties faced by a visitor time and again, which in turn will increase traffic toward their website.

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