Friday, November 20, 2009

Analytics Spell Web Designs

Analytics have been trying to make it easier for you almost since the World Wide Web began. Thus they have been around for years and have been evolving sincerely, only to tell you what is working well on your site and what is not (in a number of ways). According to web analytics whatever isn’t doing really well on your site is in a biting need of change.

Web analytics are not complex. In fact sometimes it is as simple as finding those pages that no one bothers to visit. Why take the trouble to maintain such pages? Find out what is hampering visitors to that page by getting to the root of the problem. Sometimes the problem could be your web page design. Your website may seem easy to navigate but might still be a challenge to your visitors. Complicated designs, vivid colours, animations, etc. might not be appealing to your target audience.

What does this result in? Visitor frustration. If the website design seems to be the problem you are literally paving the way for your visitors to check your competitor’s website. Online marketers and web developers use web analytics to follow the path your visitors are taking to reach your page. They also determine where visitors are having trouble and then make the necessary fixes. Thus if you really want to get inside the minds of your customers, take the help of an online marketing service in your city.

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