Sunday, November 22, 2009

Definition of a Viral Video

The chocolate brand Cadbury released an extremely odd online video, which won multiple awards in 2008. The ad was referred as ‘Cadbury gorilla viral campaign’. Every social-network-savvy person surely never missed it. If you haven’t yet watched this viral video, I suggest you do it soon. This ad still is a great lesson for internet marketers as well as for businesses.

Cadbury wanted to create a very strong recognition once again for its brand. And what do you know? They blindly succeeded; but how? Let’s take a peek at the principles Cadbury used as the bases of this online marketing campaign:

Firstly, the video was odd. It was also passionate with a skilled gorilla at the drums, playing ‘In the Air Tonight’ by Phil Collins…Odd enough? Till March 2009, this video stirred 16,000 online comments and 1,700 blog posts. To top that:

  1. Cadburys advert was 90 seconds short.
  2. It was able to sustain viewer attention the 1st 15 seconds.
  3. This viral video motivated users to spread it instantly.

Most online marketers think that a viral video needs to be like an ad film on television. But that’s not true. It’s different online. Why would anyone want to circulate an ad that clearly markets a product? There must be a ‘cooler’ reason for people to pass it on. Just the way Cadbury did.

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