Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Select a Domain Name?

If finding your site on search engines is important to you I recommend a domain name with keywords in it. Now-a–days, the average WWW visitor types the subject he is looking for, rather than a brand name. For example, would be a better name for website marketing than though the name Timothy would be unique. Of course keyword domains are usually taken but you need to find one that suits your company for better search engine marketing results.

In a domain name, the name is only one of the factors weighed in on search engines. The sites popularity, links to other websites and the content on your site are the other factors that matter.

Choosing a name that can be easily remembered is another thing you should do. Tricky domain names cannot be easily remembered. Long names are also a ‘no’. But even if you have decided on keeping the long name that’s more than two words, see that it is hyphenated between words. A name like does not need a hyphen because it is easily understood.

Lastly you can use extensions like .com, .net, .org, etc. to protect your domain. It is not necessary to build a site on all domains. But if you already have, you can also register so that nobody else can use a name like you have.

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