Saturday, November 21, 2009

Spread the Word through Online Marketing

As there are many who are well-informed about what’s best and what’s not in online marketing, there are many who aren’t well-versed with the basic concepts and types of online marketing tools. This blog reveals an outline of some common tools used to spread the word about a brand through the internet.

The most popular tool is search engine marketing. SEM experts work off your website, promoting it to let others know that your company exists. SEM can be understood under 2 broad categories:

-Sponsored links/PPC: Ads usually on the right side of each page are sponsored for. The advertiser’s ad appears whenever designated keywords are typed in on search engines like MSN, Google, etc. Advertisers pay whenever anyone clicks on it. That explains Pay Per Click.

-Natural/organic search: You might have heard about SEO experts. SEO (search engine optimization) professionals optimize your site in such a way that it will show up on the 1st results page of search engines.

Other online marketing tools:-

-E-mail marketing: is used to connect and build a relationship with the customer in order to make a purchase.

-Social networking sites: spread the word through like minded people on the internet. Imagine targeting a new audience who is already interested in what you have to say. Generally, online SEO services manage your image on these sites.

-Banner advertising: Clicking on your ad displayed on other websites pulls people towards your site.

-Affiliate marketing: uses others website to divert visitors to your website.

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