Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Lost in the Blogosphere?

Many of us write just for ourselves on the WWW. It does not matter whether you are writing on behalf of a company as a content writer or if you are writing for your own business; your writing needs to get social. Like Twitter and Facebook, you blogspot is also a part of social media. That’s why the ‘blogosphere’ exists. Whenever you write a post, it becomes part of the blogosphere or the network of blogs. This is just one part of social media.

Very few online SEO services realize how interactive a blog can get. Most of them treat a blog like another site or a means to divert traffic to the main site. While all of this is true, SEO blog writing services often forget that blogging is about the interaction and is not a one way form of communication. Thus only if you interact with people through other social media as well as through your blog posts, you can find out what your audience really wants. Interacting with those who read your blogs also motivates you to get back online and communicate. Place a poll, ask them to raise their voices about their likes and dislikes, accept criticism and make the changes they expect. When you blog to socialize, to get the word out or to communicate, you earn a good number of loyal and ardent followers in time.

The search engine marketers and content writers at Cosmos Creatives always work in collaboration. (Yes. The trick is to merge SEO and content writing.) Keeping all the essentials in mind, our online marketing company promotes the online businesses of our clients zealously.

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