Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Colour: A Promotional Element on your Website

Colour is more important that you think. Every individual in this world is swayed by different colours everyday. Colour can motivate you to think harder, make a difficult problem seem easy, irritate you or increase your happiness. It makes you go hungry or even forces you to change your priorities. Such is the power of colour!

Therefore, even businesses and manufacturers make use of it in their products, on their websites, etc. in order to portray a certain expression and convince people to believe in them. Thus colour becomes an important promotional element that needs to be used wisely and carefully by webpage designers in your website design.

For example: a black background conveys mystery and risk. Thus it would make a great colour for the background of a website for a rock band. But if you are looking for a formal look, a white background would be the best. The other colours you add on in the form of graphics or content will also follow a deep meaning.

The colours below indicate the following emotions they trigger in people on a universal basis:

Red –Passion
Yellow –Cheer
Grey –Gloom
Blue –Peaceful/Secure
Orange –Healthy
Green –Stillness
Black –Grief/Mystery
White –Silence

But remember that the use of many colours on a single webpage may confuse the user. It may also distract him/her making the content hard to comprehend. As far as the online web solution experts at Cosmos Creatives are concerned, websites are designed keeping the colour preference of the target audience in mind. Visit us at www.cosmoscreatives.com for more information.

Image credit: zs2konkursy.wordpress.com

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