Friday, January 29, 2010

Movie Marketing Online

Most film makers are not very marketing savvy. So they usually aren’t the ones coming up with ideas to promote their films. They just ask professional internet marketers to do it. If you are looking to promote your new film you have got to know the options available. Here is a brief idea on how most films are promoted through the following online marketing tools, about 10 days before the movie releases.

A website for your movie should be ready. It will give you the perfect backing for your movie. People can easily get plenty of information about the synopsis, the characters or even watch trailers on your movie site. A well designed movie website arouses interest in the film. You can also draw people towards watching the film by offering free merchandise and other special offers on your site.

Blog writing can really help promote your website. The blog spot could be an extension of your site and could also be the only part of your website that can be updated constantly. You can post anything you like on it including photos and trailers.

The 3rd most important way to promote your movie is by being a part of social networking sites, interacting with people who like the movie, adding more friends and sustaining them through interaction. Traffic can be diverted towards your website through these sites as well as through articles and press releases published elsewhere.

These are only some of the ways to promote your movie online. Contact Cosmos Creatives for a clearer understanding of online marketing.

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