Friday, January 22, 2010

Web Design or Content?

The debate between website design and website content will always go on. People often argue by emphasizing either one of them in their opinions. Which one is more important anyway?

Unlike what most people think, numerous graphics and heavy content are not the keys to a good website. But the answer to the argument stated above is plain and simple. The use of original content by content writers and fresh designs by website designers are required in moderation for a successful website. If your website is cluttered and the content is great, do you think it could attract a sizable amount of readers or sales? Even if you have put up notable content:

  • The appearance of the site won’t fail to demotivate the reader to come back again… or
  • The person might not even bother to read the content of a site that looks dull and less credible.

This could happen the other way round with great design and poor content. Your site might have succeeded by calling people to stay on the landing page for some seconds. But the moment they come across anything like jargon, grammatical errors and irksome content …they would never want to come back to your site again.
Google is a great example of a simple yet successful site. Its design is neat and it avoids clutter.

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