Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Your Website Could Still Be Incomplete

Creating a huge website is a challenge. It takes a lot of trouble to come up with the right design, colours, etc. But once you’re finally done with it, make sure the following is also incorporated by your webpage designers and web developers, or your website could still remain incomplete.

  • Loading speed:
People tend to click away from your website if it doesn’t load within 10 seconds.

If your website has been running since a few months, check its bounce rate. One of the reasons why visitors leave your site very quickly is because your website has low loading speeds. As life has now become fast paced the loading speed of your site needs to be taken seriously. Nobody has the time to wait, even if your site does have the information/product being searched for.

  • User-friendliness:
A website is generally created with the aspirations of the website owner in mind. Very often we forget that it should be created in the interest of no one but the target audience. This is the key to building an impressive website. Making your website user-friendly involves:

  • Keeping it simple and navigable
  • Having crisp and few central messages
  • Having a sitemap, an FAQ page and a search box
  • Insert proper and adequate contact details for credibility

Thus good loading speeds and user-friendliness are 2 factors without which your website could remain incomplete. Cosmos Creatives also checks websites for other factors like search engine friendliness and browser compatibility, ensuring that their clients website marketing efforts bear fruit and that they receive a good amount of ROI on their e-business.

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