Saturday, January 23, 2010

Your Website Design Is Your 1st Impression

The attractiveness of your website is determined by the website design. If your site isn’t attractive enough or easy to navigate … your online business could be in a tight spot. Thus your website should be able to draw the attention of the visitor/viewer in the first 3 seconds of them viewing it. Experienced web developers and website designers are the only ones who will be able to make your site eye pleasing, interesting and user-friendly at the same time. It only makes acute sense when we plan our website along with professionals like these.

Putting time and thought into your website design:

Before you even think about working on your website, have a goal. Also be sure to plan every step that will take you towards that goal. A small aspect of planning also involves matching the idea of your e-business to the website design. This may be a small decision but is definitely a vital one that mustn’t be ignored. For example: A business executive site needs a more professional look compared to a site aimed at kids. A sites for kids need to be more colourful than sites for adults. Even your webpage designer will know about the implementation of logic like this. Thus they will surely have a fair idea about the percentage of the different page elements that need to be used on your unique website.

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